A chatbot just like you

Boost engagement with a voice-activated video chatbot that allows you to personally answer your audience's questions in real-time. All powered by the advanced AI technology of ChatGPT.

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The most personal and engaging chatbot

Discover a whole new level of engaging with your visitors online! Chatbots have revolutionized business interactions, but now, it's time to go beyond text. With VideoAsk's online video chatbot, you can personally connect, build trust, and establish rapport – all through the power of video.

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Answer your customer's questions

Use a voice chatbot to answer your customer's frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Educate your audience

Build a quiz

Be everywhere at once

Connect with visitors in real time by turning yourself into a chatbot. Use logic jumps (routing rules) so your visitors get a personalized online experience.

Use it anywhere

From 'Lead qualification funnels' to 'Ask me anythings', connect with your customers instantly by building different conversational workflows. 

A breeze to build

Build your AI video chatbot using VideoAsk's intuitive, easy-to-use builder. Simply record your videos and define your logic jumps (routing rules) to create a great experience.

Simple to program

Assign categories for the AI engine to match respondents' live audio and jump to subsequent videos.

Integrate with your tech stack

Automate your workflow and sync data by connecting to tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, Calendly.

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With VideoAsk you can create

Lead generation chatbots

Start strong! Add a video chatbot to your landing page, and warm up and capture more leads from the get-go. Offer real value if you're requesting their information. Keep it human with face-to-face-like video conversations to build rapport. Design a chatbot that gives back and makes lead generation fun, friendly, and interactive.

Recruitment chatbots

Customer support chatbots

Start a 'real' conversation with your web visitors

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